Why people will hire you?

02.10.2013 19:10

(Schiffman Stephan – The Consultants Handbook,2001)


Motive One:  The company wants a sort-term problem solved quickly, and cannot solve it with its current staff because of skill or time constrains.

Benefit to the company: time-sensitive analysis of the problem and recommendations based on expertise in the field – without putting projects on hold.


Motive Two: The company wants an objective viewpoint in order to solve an important business problem.

Benefit to the company: external analisys of the problem – and expert recommendations on solving it – from someone with no position to defend in an organization´s hiearchy.


Motive Three: A company  has seasonal or erratically encountered problems that are most sensibly addressed by hiring a consultant on an as-needed basis – as opposed to hiring a new full-time employee.

Benefit to the company: reliable service over a period of time without committing to a full-time position.  (The full-timer, even though he or she may earn less per hour than the consultant, will get benefits, sick days, and vacation time – the consultant won´t.)